Gestern habe ich den folgenden Eintrag bei Instagram geteilt. Und bei Twitter. Und Tumblr. Er ist mir so wichtig, dass ich ihn auch hier auf meinen Blog teilen möchte. Der Text ist auf Englisch, aber ich denke das macht nichts.

Wie passend, dass New York zusammen mit mir in den Farben des Regenbogens strahlt 🙂

„I sincerely believe in equal rights in every aspect of living. We’re all equal, no matter what sex, what skincolour, or who you love. The first wedding I attended was a lesbian marriage. Back then I didn’t understand that the way my parent’s friends married was different than the way my uncle married his wife, because the German law only allowes a “civil partnership” for gay and lesbian couples. All I knew was that they love each other and wanted to spend their lives together. That was all that mattered – and still matters. That some people try and argue that same-sex couples should not be allowed the same rights as heterosexual couples aggravates me. It’s the 21st century, open up your mind. There is so much love around that these people cannot appreciate. The decision of the supreme court moved me deeply. I shed several tears today reading and watching the reactions of the people who have so long waited for this to happen. Cannot wait to see an even broader variety of wonderfully cheesy proposal and wedding videos, because if you love someone you gotta show it, and you deserve the right to show it. 󾓦🌈💞👬👭👫 #lovewins #usa #scotus #equalmarriagerights #lgbtq #celebratepride #happiness #love #congratulations“